Thursday, May 26, 2016

Back in Action!! Thursday May 26th 2016


Hello Friends! My apologies I have been absent from this place!        Things have been very busy and hectic in the world of DENNIS. Much has happened as Life is much faster I have learned with age. I am not sure where to begin so I will just fill you in and try to catch you all up to the chapter in Life i am in LoL. So Before I get to the blog I prepared for you, since my last entry here I have had some health goodness but also some bad things. I usually do not like to broadcast my health issues for many reasons, One being I do not want PITY from people, ALL I want at the least is some understanding. I suffer from Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Disc disease (Spine), and a Urology issue. Yes I know that sounds like a lot and it is BUT some things have got much better if not totally healed. The Urology (Bladder/Kidneys) issue that caused me a lot of pain, suffering and many many surgeries; I am 99% healed from the Urology problem that burdened me for roughly 5-7 years. I went from having surgeries every 6-8 weeks to NONE! I have not had a urology surgery in at least a year and a half. I still may need one last surgery but that is all. Without writing a novel about my urology issue lol,  basically My life has changed in a positive way because of not having to get those surgeries anymore. Now the Fibromyalgia, which in a nutshell affects the muscles, nerves, and joints&bones, there are a host of other symptoms that come along with it such as chronic fatigue syndrome and about sixty others. I have slowly learned to live with this Fibro monster, I was diagnosed on January 5th 2012 after 2 years of a host of painful and tedious tests. For a long time I had no idea what Fibromyalgia was nor did I know it would change my life in just about every way. The Doctor that diagnosed me also found some herniation in the cervical spine and degenerative disc disease around 2013. I had been also diagnosed around the same time with carpal tunnel syndrome in both arms/hands wrists. I had to sleep with arm braces on every night, they were very uncomfortable to say the least especially to sleep in. Finally I went to a massage therapist whom Was caring and truly wanted to get me healed NOT charge me at all, so she decided to do trigger point massage, NOT the same as a typical massage. I went to her on a weekly basis for roughly two months or so and one night I fell asleep by accident without the arm braces on  and I didn't wake up with my arms and hands in severe pain feeling like they was on fire and burned so badly it was terrible! I noticed i didn't have the arm braces on so I shrugged it off like "I guess I got a night of Luck" so later that night before bed I tried sleeping without  the arm braces. To my surprise I slept the entire night without waking up with the hands and arms in severe pain. Now almost 2 years later I STILL have not had to sleep with the arm braces. I don't think I ever had carpal tunnel syndrome I believe it was due to a nerve(s) being pinched and/or pressed in the cervical spine (neck area) the C-5 to the C-6 area is a herniated disc that is still pressing on the spinal cord and deviating it to the left thus this is the reason for the mimic symptoms I had of the Carpal Tunnel issue. I still have some spine and back muscle pain but It is not anywhere near it use to be. I am thankful for alternative methods of healing as well as helping the body to promote healing itself which I believe is possible with most ailments. So Instead of the dangerous surgery on the spine that the doctors don't know for sure if it will work ...I have chose quite sometime ago to try my best to continue with Natural Methods of Healing. All of the physical pain I dealt with led me to learn the Japanese method of healing "Reiki" which I will write another blog explaining what it is and such. So the reason for what I have just told you is to show you all an example of how there is so much out there to heal you NATURALLY either it be vitamins, supplements, diet, alternative medicine and methods. There is so much out there in this world, you just HAVE to be proactive in searching out what YOU need...A support system is just as important as the way to healing. I personally feel that having a strong and understanding support system combined with the right method, Alternative medicine,etc. Is what a person suffering needs to totally recover/heal completely. In my personal health journey has been rocky at first...I noticed the less certain people understand something, they sometimes tend to become rude or even down right mean about the health issue. Of course my support system at first was tough because a lot of my "friends" disappeared...not all of them but a lot through the years, including some family and it is hard on a person emotionally. I strongly feel  that if the person(s) that say they are your support system should show it by actions not just mere words through the good and the rough and tough times. To me that shows the support person/team really does care. Sadly it's seems in these times support systems for anything is hard to get...Most people are All about their selves and their own agendas without even thinking about taking the time out of their schedules to show a person in need some support and care. Look at the rise in the homeless population in the United States and worldwide. If governments TRULY CARED then there would not be ANY homeless people, If a Government can spend BILLIONS if not Trillions of Dollars$$$ on war(s) and military weapons and such, Then They could much easier make it possible for the homeless to have CARE,UNDERSTANDING, and HAVE A WARM PLACE AND FOOD IN THEIR STOMACHS. It bothers me very much to know or see a person in need or suffering in some way that is overwhelming to them and they have NO ONE to give a damn! Moving on I am getting heated lol, my blog I prepared goes into caring and such so just read it after this rant.  On a much lighter note, in my personal life I have been experiencing many blessings or open doors of opportunity so to speak. Many things literally too! From landing a decent speaking role in a feature film/Movie to Having a book series published a 6 part series book set. I  sent a manuscript just on a whim not thinking any further about writing especially getting anything published. To my surprise I did get it published, it was published as a short story but I had more of the story inside of me to let out so I began writing even more and getting more and more published. Now I have just recently finished my 5th book that belongs to the book series I have begun it is titled "The Chronicles of Alice Tarpley" I have just begun writing the 6th Volume which is the final book of the series. When it came to the editing process I demanded it only be edited to the bare minimum because I felt it took away from my style of writing, this includes if I used improper grammar and such I still kept it in the book and I have actually got a lot of positive feedback on the small amount of unconventional writing from readers. The books are available worldwide. is the fastest place to get the E-book version, Just simply search for "Alice by dennis kelly" And that is the 1st book and will lead you to the rest of the series. They are available at Barnes&Noble and just about any place you get books even most libraries if you can't afford to buy a whole lot of extra stuff at the moment. I will place some photos of the front of some of the books in case you intend on wanting to see if you like them or not and know what to look for. Recently I have also invested in a small piece of land because I am placing a Tiny House on the property with the goal of becoming self-reliant and OFF of the grid. I have so much more to tell you friends but I will save it for my next blog but I will not be absent this long anymore. I want to say a huge Thank You to All of the New readers, The Dennis Kelly Center now has nearly 10,000 Monthly readers! You all are amazing and thank you for all of the sharing too, I appreciate your interest and support. Now onto the blog, it is faith based but it can apply to ANY faith/religion. The core of the blog is not about trying to force my belief on any of you but if it inspires you don't hold back feel free to Believe.
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                                       My Blog for the day Thursday May 26th 2016

Long ago I remember the book  of Hebrews and how for the most part was written to Hebrew Christians who at the time were struggling with their faith/belief system and may have been considering a return to Judaism/renouncing their faith. These Christians were most likely undergoing fierce persecution and felt beyond overwhelmed from the hell they got from the Jews and Romans. Jesus Christ had not returned to establish His kingdom, and the people needed and wanted to be reassured that Christianity was true and that there is sufficiency and love in Christ. These Christians were looking for a word to lift their almost failing faith; some certainty to anchor their sinking souls; some promise to keep them steady and their spirits strong; and some presence greater that their deepest grief.
These Christians were much like some of us believers today. It is common for us to feel alone in our misery and pain. That hospital room can take on the feeling of a dungeon or a prison when some deadly disease or sickness  has you flat on your back. Or That living room can become a dark and lonely place if your spouse or child will never come through the door again and the couch becoming part of the body.
The question is simple: Who really cares or gives a damn when it really comes down to it right? Is there someone we can be assured truly understands and truly cares that won't leave us in our misery? The author of Hebrews wrote that in and through all their struggles and sufferings, God's people need not despair. The author, rather than pointing to some power within human potential, he proclaimed Christ, the "great high priest." Hebrews 4:14-16, "Seeing then that we have a great High Priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast our confession. For we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to find help in time of need".--Hebrews 4:14-16/Holy Bible KJV
 Jesus knew of those life experiences which so often strain our spirits and bring us close to our breaking point. Jesus also knew of these human pains and sufferings which, if left unattended and undefeated, will eventually lead only to doubt, despair, pain, loneliness,  and discouragement so deep it can cause many believers to disown the Christian faith and belief system as a whole. When the Christian faith is disowned one is left to wander in the wastelands of depression, pain, health can be affected,self pity, and a hopeless preoccupation with it's own darkness and distress that feels hopeless.
There is another way. We must be aware that when the author of Hebrews speaks of "mercy", he means the forbearance of God. In other words, God forever stands behind His promise to be with us and for us, despite our petty foolishness, flaws, and failures in our faith walk. God's heart simply overflows with tender compassion for US, whom He created. God's mercy is the pity which places the Lord's love right in the center of every human weakness, misery, and helpless heartache we could ever have. The writer of Hebrews also claims God as one who possesses a generous and kindly disposition and rightfully so. The writer of Hebrews also suggests that "mercy" has to do with God's sympathy for our deepest and darkest struggles. I have felt and saw his mercy first hand numerous times in my own personal life and walk with him. 
We may never understand why we suffer so many senseless pains in this life, but if we know that Jesus bears them with us it should somehow remove our sufferings from the realm of meaningless affliction. It is a comfort to know that Jesus Christ, above and beyond all others, continuously cares about our sufferings. In essence, Hebrews says to us that there is nothing in human existence, or the entire realm of creation, that we in Christ cannot see through to victory.
But there is something for us to remember. The primary thing is neither the physical distress, nor the mental turmoil, nor the spiritual anguish we sometimes suffer. The primary issue is the inner response which the soul and spirit make to these outward influences. That is why the writer of Hebrews encourages us to "approach the throne of grace with boldness". Here the writer is referring to prayer. We must be careful that in our misery when we feel powerless that we never become prayerless. Many times We see that happen to children and some of the most saintly souls so to speak. They suffer some incurable disease, or some unyielding sorrow, and then they begin to doubt both the purpose and the power of prayer. Their misery makes them wonder if God pays attention to their prayers. I have felt this way many times during severe sufferings, But when prayer is properly understood it isn't so much about the power of words, as it is the placement of our hearts, HE sees our true hearts. With prayer we can place every fear, frustration, flaws, and pain before the presence of God where He welcomes us,Loves US, understands us, comforts us, and provides His glorious power to help us find victory in our own personal and professional lives.
Jesus knows how we feel when hardships bear down upon us. He knows how we feel because He himself was tested in all ways thus by what He suffered, He understands because he has been in our shoes so to speak.  He is able to help those who are being tested too. Jesus has once and for all taken our human needs to His heart of hearts. This is a significant sign of His passion. Because we confess Jesus Christ has been raised from the dead, or in the language of the book of Hebrews, Jesus has "passed through the heavens". Now the exalted Christ takes all human need to heart "with undiminished severity". In basic terms he doesn't care what your flaws or issues are, either way he cares equally for each of us according to each and every issue/problem/ailment(s) we may have or deal with...HE is here with you even if you don't believe or feel it. 
In Hebrews, Jesus promises a merciful and boundless endless compassion. With that promise the despairing Christian can have the confidence to trust that He is ever near with LOVE and mercy to soothe our hearts, the understanding that He has the compassion to demolish our fears, and the knowledge that He has the power to see that, by His grace, we soon have victory in our lives.His love and understanding surpasses ALL human understanding. Even if YOU are of another faith or don't believe in Christ, either way HE still LOVES you and always will. I hope YOU ALL near and far have a wonderful blessed day and weekend ahead! Truly, Dennis